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TV General Managers – GM 
Multiple positions in multiple smaller and ideal lifestyle markets 


AZ – Arizona 
CA – California 
FL –  Florida 
NM – New Mexico 
NV – Nevada 


$175,000 to $300,000 


Our firm is conducting multiple searches for General Managers (GM’s) in smaller markets around the United States. 

Some of the locations offered are ideal or what we consider, vacation like. 

We are seeking broadcasting executives with the experience and desire to manage modern and sophisticated television broadcast entities with maturity, understanding and authority. 


  • Experience as a General Manager 
  • Manage stations at the $20 Million and above range 
  • Outstanding leadership skills in the office and in the community 
  • Exceptional people skills to attract, develop and retain Business, Creative, On Air & Technical TV professionals 
  • A firm understanding of On Air and Online integration for advertisers, the community and the audience 
  • The ability to manage people and resources with maturity, understanding and authority 
  • The ability and experience to drive revenue 
  • Experience with content acquisition, local programming and talent that is fiscally responsible and successful 
  • Based on the locations a golfer would enjoy these positions 
  • Officer In Charge 

    Tony Filson 
    Filcro Media Staffing 
    521 Fifth Avenue 
    New York, NY  10175 

    Resume Email link – Please leave or place the following in the subject line: "GM – John or Jane Doe
    Resume Fax – 212-599-1023 – Email preferred 

    Your cover letter should include: salary history, desired location, reason(s) for seeking employment 
    We will contact resumes of candidates of interest in the order they are received, Thank you 

    Site Links 


    Main Job Page

    Resume Policy

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