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Middle East Broadcasting Jobs

Filcro Media Staffing (EABG)
Global Media & Broadcasting Executive Search

English and Arabic Broadcasting Group (EABG)

Filcro Media Staffing

Filcro Media Staffing is one of the principal broadcasting executive search firms devoted to the specialized recruitment interests of a global broadcasting industry.  Since 1985 the firm has served the evolution of convergence as media broadcasters developed sophisticated products and delivery systems to maintain and expand their markets across multiple media platforms.

The firm’s practice facilitates the identification of media and broadcasting executives in business, creative and technical environments inherent to the diverse domestic and international media communities the firm services.

As a retained media and broadcasting executive search firm, Filcro Media Staffing functions throughout the entire United States, Europe, Asia, The Middle East, Africa and South America with primary offices located in New York City.  The firm recruits and identifies broadcasting and media executives within numerous media disciplines on varied platforms.

The firm reports to hiring executives, executive search committees, boards of directors, media investment banking firms, governments, ngo’s, nonprofit organizations and senior human resource professionals who require focus, detailed knowledge and proven specialization within the media and broadcasting industries.

The diverse global media and broadcasting interests represented by the firm can be reviewed within documented search ecologies listed as case histories. These case histories facilitate insight into the business, technical and creative recruitment acumen of Filcro Media Staffing with regard to tactical and strategic identification on various management levels in diverse geographics.  How searches are brought to fruition is as important as the final results. 

Filcro Media Staffing’s clients enjoy functional, modality and efficacy benefits based on the firm’s reputation and experience within the broadcasting and media industries. The documents provided on this site pertaining to recruitment methodologies, reporting, comparative costing and the firm’s specialized recruitment practice exhibit a clear amalgam of resources dedicated and focused to broadcasting, digital networks and related ancillary media.

As an executive search firm in a highly specialized space we welcome queries pertaining to executive search initiation, the firm’s availability, cadence, terms and conditions, case histories and Filcro Media Staffing’s identification capabilities within context of a specific search.

Business, Technical & Creative

Our firm identifies a broad spectrum of media and broadcasting executives capable of leading strategically or functioning tactically in every area required across all broadcasting and digital media platforms. 


Development, Programming, Production, Post Production, Client Services, On Air Promotion & Scheduling


Sales, Sales Operations, Sales Planning, Traffic, Inventory, Affiliate Relations, Finance, Marketing


Broadcast Operations, Broadcast Engineering, Broadcast IT for Cable, Satellite, Digital, RF and Wireless

C Level Executives

CEO, CFO, CTO, CIO, President, Board Members, Executive Vice Presidents

Middle East Media Growth

It is the opinion of our firm that The Middle East will experience exceptional growth in the media and broadcasting industries in the near future.

  • The development of programing for regional and international markets
  • Technical infrastructure for distribution and assimilation
  • Development of multiple platform synergies for digital, RF, interactive and wireless applications
  • A growing awareness and desire for news, information, sports, documentary, entertainment and reality products with MIddle East roots and culture
  • Middle East Broadcasting Jobs 
    Global Relocation 
    and Attraction

    TV and Digital media executives are identified in and out of the region. 
    Our firm relocates executives and their families to many countries seeking broadcasting executives with strong industry experience as well as multiple language skills and proficiency in Arabic and English. 
    The types of jobs available and the vast global network established by Filcro Media Staffing is highly effective in attracting top tier talent regardless of geographics.

    Terms & Conditions

    Information on retaining Filcro Media Staffing can be found here

    Contact & Search Locations

    General information about contacting the firm and search locations can be found here

    Achieving Broadcast Excellence 

    Executive Offices

    Tony Filson
    President and Officer in Charge
    Filcro Media Staffing
    521 Fifth Avenue 
    New York. NY 10175-1801 

    NW Corner 43rd & Fifth Avenue
    18th Floor Reception

    Tel   (212) 599-0909  
    Fax (212) 599-1023 

    Web: ExecutiveSearch.TV


    Middle East Radio GMMiddle East TV Executive ProducerMiddle East TV Director Broadcast Operations

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