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Quote: Newsroom executives with strong management skills will enjoy this job. 

Arabic Radio – Arabic News Newsroom Managing Editor


    Managing Editor Middle East Newsroom
Radio Network – United States Arabic Managing Editor


Virginia, USA


to $127,000 with outstanding benefits for you and your family

Primary Function

The News Managing Editor serves as the Arabic Managing Editor for Middle East Radio and is responsible for operational day-to-day management of the news staff based in Washington and the Middle East stringers and correspondents overseas.  The Arabic News Managing Editor will report to the Middle East VP of News and the Middle East Radio General Manager in the United States.


  • Managing all U.S. and Arabic Radio broadcast and Internet news staff.  Directly supervising all shift editors including the Internet editor.
  • Supervising and providing overall direction for all Arabic and U.S. newscasts broadcasts to ensure that this initiative remains of the highest quality.
  • Reviewing, as appropriate, all Arabic-language newscasts for quality control and editorial content and that the voicing of Arabic announcers remains of the highest quality.
  • Providing direction, as appropriate, to the Assignment Editor to ensure that the reports of the stringers and correspondents are relevant, well paced, factual and balanced.
  • Providing general administrative oversight, including guidance on staff annual leave schedules.
  • Helping to conceive, develop and implement major program projects and new approaches to news reporting and features.
  • Conducting policymaker interviews and maintaining a broad network of contacts in Washington and elsewhere around the world in order to stay on top of relevant policy developments.


  • Bachelors Degree in journalism or broadcast journalism; 10+ years experience plus graduate degree preferred but not required
  • Professional knowledge of writing and editing principles and practices for electronic media; skill in applying these to material used in international radio broadcasting and the Internet; must be a seasoned journalist who can judge the relative importance of topics to be covered and the methods necessary to accomplish this while overseeing the writing and selecting news under pressure and directing reporters.
  • Expert knowledge of management principles and practices and the skill in applying these to overseeing a staff of professional newscasters.
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and manage news staff, including the ability to direct the work of others.
  • Fluency in Arabic and thorough knowledge of the Middle East, including Iraq, to provide the direction required and produce the necessary news and feature material from Washington the Radio Network’s network of stringers and correspondents.
  • Fluency in English
  • Professional knowledge of the Internet and how to ensure that the Radio Network news material is made available to the radio’s Web site.
  • In-depth and current knowledge of American foreign policy developments, particularly those that are relevant to the Middle East.
  • Extensive network of contacts in Washington and throughout the world without maintaining political affiliation with Middle Eastern groups.


Filcro Media Staffing
Middle East Radio Broadcasting Group
Director Radio News Recruitment 
521 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10175-1801

To Apply:

  • Please include a resume in English w/ dates of employment
  • Place the words "Managing Editor Middle East Radio News" in the subject line, followed by a space and your name.
  • Use this email link to submit your resume
  • Resumes in Microsoft Word, PDF or Text in PC format
  • Radio Newsroom Managing Editor

Managing Editor Middle East Radio News
Resume email


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